Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wi-Fi Hacking Tools(Wireshark,Aircrack and Cain & Abel )

Tools Needed:
  1. A Laptop (Or desktop with wireless internet)
  2. Cain & Abel:
  3. Wireshark(Or the older version, ethereal):
  4. A basic knowledge of computers
  5. A crypter may be nice, too
**STEP 1**
Starting Up Wireshark
A. Open Wireshark
B. Start a new capture on your wireless interface with wireshark
C. Leave this running while setting up Cain & Abel
**STEP 2**
Setting Up Cain & Abel
A. Determine If you are hacking a computer on the current network, or another network in range.
(Current Network)
I. Start the sniffer.
II. Search for hosts in the sniffer-hosts tabs.
III. Analyze the network in the Network-Microsoft Windows network tab.
1. Determine which computer you plan on hacking.
2. Attempt an anonymous logon on the computer, and enumerate users.
3. Attempt multiple possible passwords. If failing, go to step B.
(Another Network)
I. Wait for a while and make sure wireshark has time to sniff a password for WiFi.
II. Go to step B.
B. Experimental Safety: Crypting Abel
I am not sure if Abel still works when crypted, but I would like some feedback if it does not. Abel is detected as a Spyware-Gen on most computers. This needs to be changed. A crypter just might do the trick! If you have a crypter, I assume that you do not need a tutorial on how to use it. If you do not, there are multiple crypting tutorials(and crypters for sale) on this site.
C. Leave Cain open when doing the next steps, it makes life a lot easier.
**STEP 3**
Waiting and testing
A. Every once in a while, stop and save your wireshark capture file. Make sure that you always restart, and do this process very fast, as you want as much sniffing time as possible!
B. Open the capture file in Cain, and look on the sniffer-passwords tab to see if there are any passwords available to crack. These should be in the SMB passwords. If you are looking to get WiFi passwords, open the file directly in the cracker-802.11 tab.
C. Repeat this step until you see some results.
**STEP 4**
A. Once you get your SMB encrypted passwords, send them to the cracker using a right-click.
B. I, personally, do not trust rainbowcrack, but it is up to you on a good method of cracking. I swear by Brute-Force cracks.
C. Crack the file using Cain's cracker & a Brute Force attack. Select NTLM-Challenge(I think that's what it's called).
Start Cracking!!!
**STEP 5**
A. Once you get the password cracked, DO NOT DELETE IT!
B. Use the password to log on to the computer and install Abel(Network->Mircosoft Windows Network->(Their Workgroup Here)->Their Computer->Services->Install Abel)
C. Start up abel in the services
D. Connect To The Newly Created Abel Tree Item
E. Happy Hacking!!!